The Pervasive 2010 posters will be shown during the conference outside the main conference hall. The main event for the posters is the Pervasive 2010 Plaza on Tuesday. Poster papers will also be included on the conference USB stick.

Accepted posters

  • P1 - Architectural Support for a Sustainable Service Environment in Smart Gallery, Choonsung Shin, Taejin Ha, Kiyoung Kim, Hyejin Kim, Changgu Kang, Youngho Lee, Woontack Woo
  • P2 - Context-based Local Hot Topic Detection for Mobile User, Jonghyun Han, Xing Xie, Woontack Woo
  • P3 - Contextualizing Mobile Applications for Context-aware Recommendation, Matthias Böhmer, Moritz Prinz, Gernot Bauer
  • P4 - A Data Collection of Bicycle Riding Activities Toward Effective Alert for Safety, Kosuke Nishijo, Kaori Fujinami
  • P5 - Exploring Context-aware Mobile Games, Alireza Sahami, Sebastian Stünkel, Albrecht Schmidt
  • P6 - Lighting Control through Laser Pointer Gestures, Joern Loviscach
  • P7 - My 2 cents - sharing comments about retail products on Twitter, Stephan Karpischek, Anton Rau, Florian Michahelles
  • P8 - Opportunistic Peer-to-Peer Pedestrian Localization System, Jurgen Wagner, Christian Kray
  • P9 - PainSense: Pain Assessment Through Reality Sensing, Feng-Tso Sun, Heng-Tze Cheng, Senaka Buthpitiya, Patricia Collins, Martin Griss
  • P10 - Persim: Pervasive Space Simulation, Shantonu Hossain, Abdelsalam Helal
  • P11 - A Preliminary Experiment on Ambiguous Presentation for Safe and Independent Chemistry Experiments, Kaori Fujinami, Akifumi Sokan, Nobuhiro Inagawa, Kosuke Nishijo, Norihide Shinagawa, Hironori Egi
  • P12 - Touching the Untouchables: Vision-based Real-time Interaction with Public Displays through Mobile Touchscreen Devices, Matthias Baldauf, Peter Froehlich, Peter Reichl
  • P13 - Towards a Mobile Eye-Gaze-based Exploration of Urban Environments, Matthias Baldauf, Peter Froehlich, Siegfried Hutter
  • P14 - A unified smart city environment based on SOFIA's Interoperability Open Platform, Giorgio Laura, Stefan Rapp, Giada Landi
  • P15 - Using Bloom Filters for Energy Conservation in a Mobile Search and Synchronization Application, Eemil Lagerspetz
  • P16 - ZoneTrak: ZoneTrak: Design and Implementation of an Emergency Management Assistance System, Alexander Müller, Alireza Sahami, Florian Alt, Albrecht Schmidt

Note that poster presenters participate in the One Minute Plaza madness before the Plaza event

Poster stands

There will be poster stands available for the posters. The size of the poster stands is 900 * 1200 mm or 950 * 1150 mm in portrait mode and you can fit an A0 size poster (841 * 1189 mm) on the stand. The poster stands will be available from Monday to Thursday and the posters can be exhibited all during the conference, not just during the Pervasive Plaza on Tuesday. The posters will be close to the main conference venue, the Festival Hall.

Poster Chairs

  • Elaine Huang, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Jukka Riekki, University of Oulu, Finland