Best paper award

Best poster award

  • P7 - My 2 cents - sharing comments about retail products on Twitter, Stephan Karpischek, Anton Rau, Florian Michahelles

Best demo award

  • D15 - A Wearable Feedback System for Violin Bowing, Janet van der Linden, Rose Johnson, Yvonne Rogers, Jon Bird, Erwin Schoonderwaldt

Best video award

Shared first price for

  • V1 - Aided Eyes: Eye Activity Sensing for Daily Life, Yoshio Ishiguro, Adiyan Mujibiya, Takashi Miyaki, and Jun Rekimoto
  • V11 - Touching the Untouchables: Vision-based Real-time Interaction with Public Displays through Mobile Touchscreen Devices, Matthias Baldauf, Peter Fröhlich, Peter Reichl

Best presentation award